ADAN as a agent and distributor for some international Companies in the field of power system test equipments (2)


Engineering and contracting, ADAN is the agent and distributor of some leader and specialize companies for Power system Testing equipments like as IBEKO AB Power from Sweden , High Voltage inc. from USA and EUROSMC from Spain.


1-High voltage inc./ USA:

Leader in portable, high voltage test and fault locating equipments High Voltage, Inc. produces the instruments needed for testing all types of substation apparatus, aerial lifts, and cable. Our VLF technology, AC and DC Hipots, Oil Testers, and Cable Fault Locators all offer superior design and features not found elsewhere. HVI offers the smallest, lightest, and most economical high voltage test equipment available.

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2- IBEKO Power(DV Power)/ Sweden:

All our products are based on state of the art technology, using the most advanced microprocessor and power electronics technology today. Our products are:

• Portable - up to two or three times lighter than similar devices on the market

• User-friendly - completely automated

• Accurate - typical accuracy of our products is ± 0,2 %

• Computer controlled

• Reliable - we provide three years warranty as a standard on all products; that is a guarantee to our customers that they will receive the highest quality instrumentation available.

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EURO SMC/ Spain:

A small group of professionals sharing the objective to develop, manufacture and commercialize test equipment for the field of electrical protections founded EuroSMC, S.A. in 1986.

The Company’s mission is the continuous development of new products, using our own design resources and equipment and a permanent process control under the ISO-9000 standard. In its initial stage, the concept underlying every new product is thoroughly matched against the opinion and contributions of industry experts, to ensure suitability and strong market acceptance.

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